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How To Upload Items To Your Shopping Cart

Everyone is busy and this time and stress saver is convenient, fast and lets you get on to more important things. Follow these easy steps to upload products directly to your shopping cart, make note of availability and make adjustments.

Gather your list of SKU's and the Quantity you want and put them in the first two columns of a spreadsheet. No headers needed! Save the spreadsheet as a CSV format (.csv)

Click the box "Choose File", browse your computer and find the spreadsheet you just made with your items listed.

Click "Check File". This step allows you to see the current status of the items you wish to order. Items in RED may need your attention. Check the "Quantity in Stock" posted on the screen and adjust as needed.

If you need to make changes to your spreadsheet after reviewing the file, simply update your file, save it, and repeat step 2 & 3. (We'll wait)

If you are satisfied with your file, select "Add to Cart". Don't worry you will have an opportunity to review your cart with images and all the details for final review.

On the Order Summary screen, give your order the full attention it deserves and make any last-minute adjustments.

Proceed to checkout for shipping and payment.