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Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

If we have it in stock, so do you!

In an ideal world, retailers would have limitless shelf space without the usual issues of holding inventory for long amounts of time. Traditional vendors often work with limited room in their brick-and-mortar shops where finding places to keep extra product can be a chore and a half somedays. The opportunity to free up areas of your business and use that space more efficiently is what we aim to do with our drop shipping program!

With drop shipping, your customer can place an order for any VHC merchandise with you and your business, then we ship it directly to your buyer’s home. This simple process allows you to offer more products at your shop without any of the risk. Check out our tutorial at the bottom of this page to see a walkthrough of how drop shipping works. For more information about what drop shipping can do for you, our sales representatives would be happy to talk to you further.

Why would you Drop Ship?

Organize the chaos of your inventory storage with our drop ship program by allowing your customers to buy the whole collection without carrying every single item in-store. For example, you can place the regular panel curtains and queen-sized quilt of your favorite collection in your shop and if a customer really wants the prairie curtains or a California king quilt, you can drop ship the item directly to them in 48-hours!