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The Retailer’s Quick Guide To Buying Primitive Decor

VHC Brands is one of the few companies in the wholesale home textile business in the US that consistently offers a broad selection of Americana, with new launches seasonally.

We recently established 4 brands to better promote the different decorating looks we offer, with Mayflower Market© being the brand name for our Primitive home decor. We picked the word Mayflower as a nod to very early American settlers who came to a new world for religious freedom, and we selected the word Market to connote an ever-changing mix of products in our yearly home textile launches.

We really have two main themes within our Mayflower Market© collections: Primitive, and Americana. This discussion is about “Prim”, we’ll deal with “Americana” in another talk….

What is Primitive Home Décor?

Primitive, or Prim décor, as it is called by many retailers and shoppers who specialize in these types of products, is a category of product totally unique to American tastes. To add to the discussion, it’s important to note that some patriotic Americana décor we sell is Primitive. Even more fun - primitive stars are a major design element in most Prim décor….but we digress.

There are many experts in the Primitive Home Décor community – almost all of them proud owners of Prim homesteads. Like a featured article in Country Sampler, these homes are decorated lovingly and fastidiously in warm tones, found objects and time-tested heirlooms, either passed down through family generations, purchased from a favorite “junk” or antiques dealer, or in many cases bought new and given a “Prim” makeover. If you’ve ever bought a cupboard and “fixed” it by adding some darker paint, older looking handles and hinges, or otherwise generally made it look 100+ years old, we’re betting you are into Primitive country décor.

We don’t pretend to be experts, rather, we are merely humble participants in the overall Primitive décor conversation. Still, we have our loyal VHC Brands (Victorian Heart to the true, dyed-in-the-wool fan/aficionado) followers, who include many of our collections in their list of treasured home décor.

Humble, simple, honest…..these are the words used by many to describe American Primitive home décor. Prim is such that words (and stars) are more often then not, emblazoned on the item in question. Bible quotes, time-tested sayings, truisms and related homilies all play a part. Many of our bestselling Primitive decor pieces are covered in words or stars – the best ones have both!

VHC Brands Primitive Decor

First and most obvious, VHC started as a wholesale quilt vendor, and Primitive-style patchwork quilts are definitely a mainstay of our top-of-bed collections. Patchwork quilts have roots that run deep in American history, with quilts and quilting being a part of the social fabric in American Colonial and Westward Expansion eras. Our designs in Primitive bedding tend towards the colors favored in other Prim décor – the most common being black, burgundy, tan, navy, mustard and dark green. Complicated fabric color mixes are not part of the story here. Many times, fabrics and quilts are simple tonal stories to imply a rustic, honest life. Our burgundy and tan Ninepatch Star, black and tan Dakota Star, and navy and tan Teton Star are all emblematic of the look, with solids and simple rustic gingham checks and plaids mixed for an unfussy, relaxed but Prim look. Don’t forget the hand quilting! Our Prim quilts are all still hand quilted, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. After 20+ years, we are proud to be one of the country’s largest wholesale quilt companies and we hope to continue offering quilts and patchwork shams, pillows and throws for a long, long time.

Ask any Prim homeowner, and they will tell you that windows require curtains of some sort – no discussion needed. VHC moves almost as many wholesale country style curtains as quilts, which is quite a statement. Our Primitive curtains include dozens of patterns, and we offer all the variations of size: panels, short panels, valances, swags, tiers, and most recently prairie curtains and prairie swags. Textiles soften and frame the view through a window while adding a dash of color, but they are also a decorator’s favorite trick to anchor a room along with well-chosen furniture. Our Mayflower Market window collections range from simple checks, to primitive plaids and applique, with dozens of patterns to choose from.

The Primitive-style home wouldn’t be complete without braided jute rugs. A rug is the perfect choice to tie together a sitting area, or placed under a dining or kitchen table. A braided jute rug helps soften a room in a number of ways, from reducing noise, to warming up bare feet in colder months. It’s hard to imagine decorating a Prim room without a coordinating rug, but many decorators realize that rugs are works of art and don’t need to be “matchy matchy” with the room. We continue to offer a large jute rug collection, from solid and natural tones to multicolored braids intricately interwoven. From the front door threshold to the master bedroom, there is a size of rug and a place for it, that fits every space in the Prim country home.

Quilts, Curtains, Rugs – is the room looking complete yet? We could go on and on – we haven’t even TALKED about table runners, placemats, tea towels, throws, or Harvest and Christmas décor….but you get the idea. There is a VHC Prim product for every spot: from kitchen, dining room, to bedroom, living room, and more!

Tell Us What You Think!

We would love for you to give us your detailed reviews of our Prim items on our website when you place orders. Reviews are helpful to other buyers, and we are happy for you to be wordy when you tell the world why this quilt, or that pillow, is the absolute best! Writing a review is easy, just click on your favorite SKU and then click on WRITE A REVIEW. It’s easy and fast. Thanks in advance for your participation and remember – keep it PRIM! 😊